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Understand and Change YOUR Present Through Exploration of the Past

SuperCharge Your WillPower to Get What YOU Want
Have you ever been all charged up and motivated to make a change or make money, but lost steam or it just didn’t work?

Well, the good news is that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

You just have a powerful mind that is powerfully running a program that you don’t happen to like.
Second bit of good news: there is a way to change this. It’s not that you’re cursed or have lousy luck or just lack the ability. Please hear me when I say that you are far more capable and powerful than you have been led to believe.

 See if you can’t get it, that it is this power and ability within you that has been KEEPING YOU STUCK.
Do you want to turn that ‘stuck power’ into life changing, money making ‘action power’? It’s your choice.

If your life is really, really good and you want another 10 – 20 – 40 years of the same, don’t read any further. Don’t change anything! But if you know your life is meant to be a lot more fulfilling and richer in many ways, then DECIDE whether you want to stay stuck or change. That’s the first step. 

Please don’t bother reading any further until you make that decision for you and your life.

                                                                     * * *

If you have decided to you want to get more out of your life and your abilities please keep reading. We do have the solution for you.


For over 15 years, Valerie Stanley-Jones – The Results Specialist – has been helping people like you get the results YOU want.


Previously you would have had to fly out to Vancouver Island, Canada, to do private sessions with Valerie. Everyone who has done so, has been more than pleased. (See What Others Say) In fact, Valerie has run her full time private practice for over 15 years, essentially without advertising, due to referrals and word of mouth because of the great results her clients get. But for many people, the cost of flights and accommodation, plus time away from work or family, made it out of reach. See if I can’t remind you that Valerie is a solution finder. Valerie cares. Can I let you in on a secret that her clients have learned? Nothing exhilarates her more than helping others truly love their life. She thrives on results – your results. She is frequently quoted as saying, "My success is based on your success." Because of this, she dedicated six months to creating and producing a power-packed, participation-oriented, results-producing, practical home video series for you. Can you see the benefit for you? This home video series lets you get the results at home and continue earning money at the same time.


Summary of Benefits You Can Expect:

    * Provides you access to about 90% more of your own brain power

    * Ends subconscious resistance on the part of anyone you’re talking to

    * Ends mental shut down within yourself

    * Reduces frustration and arguments with staff (or your kids)

    * Increases your learning ability

    * Provides an instant mechanism to undo poorly worded comments

    * People who you didn’t get along with suddenly like you better

    * You’re listened to and respected more

    * Changes confrontation into co-operation

    *  Fuels your determination and drive
    *  Empowers you for less stress and far better life

Let "SuperCharge Your WillPower to Get What YOU Want" show you how to tap into the incredible power of your subconscious brain and have it WORK FOR YOU not against you.
Learn the Language of Your Subconscious and tap into the power of the other 90% of your mind and get the results you want.

Discover How To Decide When You Can't Decide – to overcome doubt within yourself or hesitation and indecision in customers.

 Sabotage Your Own Self-Sabotage so you stop blocking yourself.

Create your own powerful positive Self-Talk Tape to keep your momentum going.

Added Benefit: With the blocks removed through SuperCharge Your WillPower, now you can actually use and get your money’s worth from all of the other personal training or business techniques that you already have.

END RESULT: get those personal and financial successes you want.

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More benefits for you

Clears brain fog

Essential in self-motivation

Powerful for decision making

Learning is easier

Dramatically reduces ‘test freeze-up’

Increases and speeds up memory recall

Builds confidence and self-esteem

Allows you to get far greater results from all seminars & manuals

Builds team rapport

Increases sales

Speeds up absorption of new sales methods or information

Enables you to put proven marketing techniques into action to make money

Reduces employee errors

Saves time in callbacks or re-doing projects

Improves effectiveness of in-house directives and e-mails

Helps develop management - employee understanding and respect

Improves workplace safety

Trades-people and other service personnel are much more likely to understand and follow your directions.

For professional speakers and teachers, it keeps all of the audience focused.

On a personal level it gets couples talking and increases understanding in the marriage.

You can suddenly start communicating with your teenage kids in a way they understand.

As a result of this home study course, you will have the direct benefits of
better comprehension,
more effective communication,
and greater productivity,
as well as gain new skills for less stress and a richer life.


Conclusion: SuperCharge Your WillPower to Get What You Want adds vital ingredients for:

    * Personnel Management

    * Self-motivation

    * Coaching

    * Parenting

    * Personal relationships

    * Sales

    * Learning

    * Public speaking

Would you like to dramatically reduce tension, arguments and misunderstanding in your personal life, to have less stress and create more harmony? – OR – Would you like to be one of those successful people who use the proven money making methods and end up in the winners circle? If yes, then this leading edge, ‘hands on’, easy to follow, results oriented, course is for you.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to learn directly from the founder. Get your home video package now.




Hello from Valerie,

First, please let me congratulate you. If you have read this far, it already lets me know that you are above average in determination. You know life has more to offer and you have decided to make it better. Good!

Be assured, this is NOT just another theory course thick on reasons why, but thin on real solutions. After the very first day, you will be able to start putting it to use.

Everything in this course is something I have personally devised and gotten results with, for myself. That is the reason I am so passionate about this and took the time to produce this complete video package so that you could get results like I have.

I didn’t come from a fancy background. I married and divorced like so many other people, BUT the methods I’m sharing with you in these videos are what allowed me to:

    * Write my first book
    * Establish a successful business
    * Develop a wonderful relationship with my Mother

    * Be incredibly healthy and fit (People can’t believe I’m almost 60.)
    * Have energy that amazes people in their twenties
    * Be blessed with a great personal relationship
    * Love my life

I wish you a life as good as mine. Will you let me help you?

As I write this, I am now adding in FREE,
a one hour telephone class in discovering the powerful Language of Your Subconscious, and FREE, a one hour Question and Answer phone consultation to anyone who purchase this series in December, (2009). Why would I do this?
Because September always seems like a gearing up for action month.
Because I want to help you kick start your motivation.
Because I want to see you succeed.

If you have ever wondered, "What’s wrong with me? How come everyone else ‘gets it’ but I didn’t get the results I’d hoped for?" then please get this home video package now and let it provide the explanation and the means for getting results.

This course will enable you to motivate yourself, remove the stumbling blocks, mentally translate lectures, books, how-to packages and other information into your own most effective and powerful ‘language format’, all enabling you to unleash abilities within you, you didn’t even know you had.

Can you think of the difference this will make when things suddenly make sense and are simpler for you? See if you can’t realize that others have been successful: now it’s your turn!
Watch these videos, in the comfort of your home, and discover how to become decisive, confident, motivated, and effective in life. With your new abilities you move forward and do the things you know you can. Make lots of money. Have personal success.
This is one of those rare opportunities. Don’t miss out. For yourself and for your future, get your home video package of:

SuperCharge Your WillPower to Get What YOU Want.

Wishing you the wonderful life you deserve,


Valerie Stanley-Jones

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