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1 Be Listened to, Understood, and Respected

Videos, Book & Instructional Pkg

Have you ever talked to someone and notice them get that glazed, ‘deer in the headlights’ look as if an invisible wall has gone up –or think of the times when you thought the person was listening and understanding but you didn’t get the follow through you expected! Let SuperCharge Your WillPower to Get What You Want, using Language of the Subconscious, end these problems, and show you how to be listened to, understood and respected.

End the glazed ‘deer in the headlights’ response, reduce frustration & arguments with your kids, increase understanding & talking in your marriage, boost your self-motivation, access your own intuition, improve learning & memory recall, reduce test freeze-up, increase sales, build confidence and have less stress.


2 How to Decide When You Can’t Decide

Videos & Instructional Pkg

Whether you’re decisive or indecisive, gain skills and peace of mind for the rest of your life. End that back and forth ‘Yes-No, Yes-No’ game.
Discover what top CEO’s use.
Make decisions that are the best for you, –accurately and quickly. Learn how to let your body and innate instinct tell you things as complex as whether a business decision is in your highest interest, down to basics such as whether that leftover in the fridge is too old, or whether you’re wasting your money and basically flushing the vitamins down the toilet rather than benefiting from them.
If you can’t decide whether to own this home video series or not, then the answer is definitely "YES. Get it".

3 Sabotage Your Self-Sabotage –And Create Powerful Positive Self-Talk

Have you got self-sabotage messing up some areas of your life? Then discover how to turn this skill around and use it to sabotage its own self-sabotage.

Also discover how to change that destructive chatter in your head into Positive Power.

Included in this special package are clear, simple steps to guide you in making your very own Powerful Positive Self-Talk Tape. See if you can’t realize that one of the great things about your Powerful Self-Talk Tape is that you don’t have to set time aside to use it. Just let it play while you get up in the morning –or– listen to it while you eat or go for a walk. It’s a great time efficient way to make the changes YOU want. It is that effective. Will you please get this video series, so you have a way to get the results you want? (P.S. This is what allowed me to write my first book. It really works. Get the success you want.)

Videos & Instructional Pkg


Watching this great Home Study package is a fun and exciting time for all the family. V Stanley-Jones explains, demonstrates and giving away as much ‘how to’ information and help as she possibly can. You get lots of concrete benefits to use every day of your life. Invest in your future –for yourself, and for your family –today.

Get the total package of instructional materials, and the book Language of the subconscious and all six videotapes for only $997 as an introductory offer. Regular price $1297. Order now
 so you don’t miss out. Get a lifetime of benefits.
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